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Substance Abuse & Trauma Treatment Centre

Tsow-Tun Le Lum means "helping house." We provide programs that address the issues of addictions and substance abuse, and that support the survivors of trauma and residential schools. Our mission is to strengthen the ability of First Nations people to live healthy, happy lives and to have pride in their native identity. Tsow-Tun Le Lum is a registered non-profit society operating a fully accredited treatment centre in Lantzville, on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Our facility is located on five acres of land over looking Nanoose Bay, leased from the Nanoose First Nation.

Split Wolf With Human Hands
Clients in treatment have realised that they have negative and positive personality traits. Often times we allow animal instincts to dominate our lives. We fail to control our appetites.

Treatment helps us turn away from all that is negative and seek out all that is good in our humanity. The "Split Wolf" may be interpreted as the emergence of the human (the good, the positive side of the personality. As well, the hands may be seen along a vertical axis, one pushing away from all negativity, the other drawing toward everything positive.)

The use of an earth-tone red should be a rather obvious symbol; the choice of the wolf design may not be quite so obvious. On the West Coast, wolves represent authority, law and order, and control. Clients certainly will be seeking self-control. Also, wolves are known for their intelligent co-operation during their hunts. Clients, too, will want to help each other as they search for their stronger self and healthier lives.

Everyone seeking treatment is also seeking enlightenment. Treatment should improve the health of the body and mind; enlightenment is treatment of the spirit. --by Ron Hamilton: Artist and designer of our logo.



Due to confidentiality and anonymity reasons Tsow-Tun Le Lum will not post Intake dates and/or Application forms.

Application forms are available upon request by referral workers ONLY: either by telephone (250) 390-3123 or by emaling info@tsowtunlelum.org .  

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