Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society
Substance Abuse and Trauma Treatment Centre

Kwunatsustul Second Stage Program: Trauma (requires 6 month sobriety)


Brief description about Kwunatsustul Program:

Tsow-Tun Le Lum programs provide healing through Culture & Ceremony and Holistic, state-of-the-art Therapeutic Programs. This residential program is intended for Aboriginal participants who are in long term recovery, currently working with a community counsellor or therapist, and have abstained from the use of alcohol and drugs for 6 months or longer.

Length of Program: This is a five (5) week residential, co-ed, and intensive trauma program

Addresses mental health issues associated with:

This intensive residential program offers the following:

Therapeutic sessions include:

Admissions and Assessment:

Each participant is carefully screened to ensure they are ready to benefit from from trauma treatment and have no other behaviour problems that need to be addressed first. They also must make a written commitment to complete the program; and make financial arrangements for travel to and from Tsow-Tun Le Lum.

Referrals to the program may come from: