Tsow-Tun Le Lum Society
Substance Abuse and Trauma Treatment Centre

Thuy NaMut (substance abuse) First Stage Program (requires 2 week sobriety prior to set-intake date)

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Brief description about Thuy Na Mut program:

Grounded in Aboriginal culture and tradition, this 40-day intensive residential A&D program is available to First Nations people. Holistic in nature, the program is for those who are ready to put substance abuse behind them. Through carefully developed therapy experiences that build on existing strengths and aspirations, each participant discovers their own unique pathway for continuing recovery from the effects of alcohol and drug abuse.

Included in the program structure are group and individual treatment experiences that promote:

Admission Requirements

Aboriginal people 19 years and older, struggling with the effects of substance abuse are encouraged to apply. Those seeking admission are requested to obtain the support of one of the following:

Application forms are available upon request by referral workers. A comprehensive application package will be sent for completion by you and your referral worker. Completed applications that include a written commitment of personal healing are carefully and respectfully reviewed by our treatment team. Assignment to upcoming scheduled groups is made taking into consideration special treatment needs and safety requirements of all possible participants.

Each applicant is required to provide a medical report, indicating they are free from communicable diseases and that they are physically and mentally able to participate in an intense residential program. A minimum of two weeks being clean and sober is required to be considered for admission.

After Care

Those completing the program are assisted during the program to develop an after care plan that includes community, family and therapeutic support unique to their needs.